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How often should you change your vacuum bag?

Vacuum cleaners play a role, and it is very prevalent today since it was invented and developed in 1599. Cutting-edge innovation makes a vacuum cleaner; there are many kinds, either intelligent or automatic vacuum cleaners that work on their own. With a sensor system, however, it is still quite expensive and has a small capacity for dust particles compared to conventional vacuum cleaners. But with more convenience until people almost forget about the small essential things. You can check best vacuum cleaner from https://lumbuy.com/electric-mop/.

1. Should discard rubbish or dust in the dust box or dust bag

This is a collection of dust, rubbish, and rubbish that must vacuum to clean when there is a large quantity without being taken out. It will make the vacuum cleaner hot, and a musty smell will come out. You can notice that the vacuum cleaner starts to sound loud, not chimney, as if something is clogged inside.

When heavy use heavy-duty motor, the vacuum cleaner will automatically cut off. This is in a shorter period compared to a dust box or a dust bag, with no debris, dust, or various powders inside. Mainly houses with dogs and cats. Should be able to bring the dust particles to be disposed of in the dust box or dust bag to throw away often, do not leave it full Because sometimes people can’t know that carriers or parasites that live with dogs and cats have been sucked into the dust box or a dust bag Because these parasitic animals don’t die quickly after being sucked in the dust box or a dust bag.

Many individuals imagine that they need to hang tight for the residue sack/capacity box to be complete before spilling it out and tidying it up. It’s a persistent vice. It should be supplanted or disposed of when it has 66% of the space left. The explanation is with the goal that there is still room and space passed on in the vacuum to gather the residue clinched.

Envision Assuming the sack is loaded with trash, residue and hair, making it delayed down. The attraction’s power is decreased; the explanation is that there isn’t adequate room. Apparent alert when the residue sack is full. That is, the residue is seldom stuck. Or on the other hand, frequently, a little piece of residue or trash is returned. The answer to this issue is exceptionally straightforward.

2. Replace the filter bag

Everything has a lifespan Filter bags are the same. Dust filter bags have a service life of 2-5 years, depending on the method and frequency of use. If the filter bag or dust box is damaged, dust particles or garbage may enter the electronic system.

3. Wash and clean properly

Should study how to clean the dust box dust bag? There is a dust filter, which is made of fibreglass material. It is a thin fibre, so it is easy to clean. By washing through clean water, shaking off the water, and just letting it dry in the sun, it can be used again and again.

4. Keep cleaning dust brush and use the brush head to suit the area

Dust brush is a dust extraction with bristles around to pick up the suction nozzle and catch dust, crumbs and pet hair that fall on the floor. It is another source of germs and bacteria. If left, do not clean. Reusing may cause allergy. The cleaning method may spray clean water and brush off the dust, wipe it dry or a quick method, and use a suction hose to suck out all the rough dust clinging to the brush and then discard the dust bag or clean the dust box. Dust brushes suitable for use in broad areas can reach narrow spaces, so find a vacuum cleaner head that can suck in tight spaces.

5. When the device is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one

When equipment is damaged, such as ducts or dust boxes are torn, the dust bag should be replaced immediately because it may cause the vacuum cleaner motor to work harder than necessary for more prolonged use, and the residents’ good health should be diligent and clean. Vacuum cleaner Get a suitable dust extraction device.

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