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How to Configure Your AOL Mail Account For IMAP

To configure your AOL mail account with a third party email service, you must set it up for IMAP. This is not possible with POP, so IMAP is the best option. This allows you to receive and send emails from your AOL email account to your third party email service. However, it is not possible to use POP to receive emails from a third party. You will have to set up IMAP to do this.

Once you’ve completed all

IMAP enables you to access your emails on different devices. It automatically synchronizes the information from the AOL server to the clients, so you can access the same inbox on any device. This allows you to complete drafting emails on the go. You must enable SSL encryption for the incoming and outgoing mail services. You can do this by using the advanced tab in your AOL account. Once you’ve completed all the steps, you should be able to access your AOL messages and files.

Final Touch

To configure your AOL email account for IMAP, you need to first log in to the AOL server. Then, you need to set up incoming and outgoing servers. Enter your full email address and password in the appropriate fields. Next, click on the “Advanced” tab to access more settings. AOL is a good choice if you’re a frequent sender, as it offers a powerful mail client.

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