Recovering Compensation for a Philadelphia Car Accident Even If Your Car Has No Visible Damage

If your vehicle did not sustain significant damage after a Philadelphia car accident, you may still have a case. There are other damages you could sustain apart from vehicle damage. Often, car accidents can lead to physical and psychological injuries, and you may want to recover compensation for these. When your accident resulted from somebody else’s negligence, you can be entitled to compensation for these losses. To protect your legal rights, schedule a consultation with a car accident attorney Philadelphia who knows how to build a strong car accident case.

Seeking Compensation for a Car Accident Without Car Damage

If you file an insurance claim or lawsuit after a crash, you may pursue several damages. If your car sustained serious damage or got totaled because of the accident, you can pursue compensation to cover the repair, rental, or replacement costs. 

If you suffered injuries in a crash, you could also pursue compensation to cover your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, even if no car damage is involved. Your lawyer will collect evidence and work with experts to prove the extent and seriousness of your injury as well as the extent of their impacts on your life. For more information visit this site: superratmachine

A lot of car crashes occur at low speeds, like parking lot accidents or accidents on private property. A rear-end accident can leave you suffering from a concussion or a neck and back injury. Even if your car has no visible damage, this does not mean a crash did not occur or that the other party isn’t to blame for the accident. In some instances, even no-contact crashes can lead to injury and damage. 

Pennsylvania has no-fault laws that govern car accident cases. Thus, the insurance company of every driver pays for the damages sustained in a crash, no matter who caused it. If the crash resulted in more damage or injuries than their policy limits, a party can take legal action against the negligent party or their insurer to pursue additional damages. As long as you are less than 51% at fault for the crash, you can get compensation for your injuries and damages. The total amount of compensation you can get depends on your percentage of fault. 

How to Protect Your Rights Following an Accident

Even if your car is left undamaged after a crash, you should protect your rights to compensation. Ensure you call the police, so you can file a report. Also, take photos or videos of the accident scene and any visible injuries. Gather information from the other driver and anyone who witnessed the accident. Seek immediate medical attention to get your injuries assessed by a doctor. 

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