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If you are looking for some slot winning hacks, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed a few of the best known and effective methods to get started. We’ll discuss the work of Rodolfo Rodriguez Cabrera, Murat Bliev, and Carmichael. All three have been featured in countless slot articles and videos. These strategies have been used by professional players and have been credited with boosting their slots’ payouts by over a third.

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Murat Bliev

A few years ago, the FBI arrested a Russian national, Murat Bliev, after he left the country and returned with three of his associates. It was the first step in an organized gang operation. Investigators learned that Bliev and his cohorts walked the casino floor, looking for the most desirable machines to ‘hack’. They’d send video footage back to their St Petersburg headquarters, which was then used to program other machines.

On December 10, 2013, security personnel at Hollywood Casino in St. Louis, Missouri, noticed Bliev and his crew. They were detained and accused of fraud. They were sentenced to two years in federal prison and deportation. Interestingly enough, one of the members of the crew was actually arrested and later granted religious asylum. This has led to the question of whether or not Bliev has slot winning hacks or not.

Carmichael’s light wand

The light wand is a simple device that blinds the slot machine’s optical sensor, turning small wins into huge payouts. In 1982, a group of men worked together in the Caesars Boardwalk Regency in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to create a kingkongxo version of this hack. One of them inserted a flashlight attached to a wire into the coin hopper. The light from the flashlight illuminated the optical sensor on the slot machine, causing the machine to pay out the player coins.

In 1999, the FBI sprung a mole in Carmichael’s team and the fraudster was caught red-handed. Fortunately, he managed to avoid prison time and got probation for three years. His latest invention, called “The Protector”, prevents slot machines from being hacked. In fact, it blocks nearly all known cheating methods.

Carmichael’s method

The first slot hacking device was created by Tony Carmichael and his friend Ray Ming. They practiced on an old slot machine in the garage. The device was so powerful, it could blind the slot machine’s sensor, spilling coins onto the floor. This method quickly became the most popular of its kind. However, there are some drawbacks. Read on to discover how it works and whether you should use it.

In 1991, Carmichael spent three years in prison for fraud and decided to join forces with another game cheat, Mike Balsamo. The two men met while serving their sentences and agreed to get back together when they were released. During this time, slot machine technology underwent a revolution. In addition to IGT, Bally and other large casino brands were replaced with new, advanced video slots with random number generators. This meant that Carmichael had to reinvent his method for slot winning.

Rodolfo Rodriguez Cabrera

If you’re a fan of online casinos and would like to win big, try using Rodolfo Rodriguez Cabrera’s slot winning hacks. This shrewd entrepreneur had no intention of inventing a global counterfeiting ring. Rather, he was a professional gambler with an interest in the latest gadgets and technologies. His innovative methods of increasing his winnings made him a millionaire overnight, but he never intended to turn them into a fad.

The bootleg slot machines he manufactured were so popular, some of them even caused IGT to drop sales in those regions. Cabrera was arrested, originally sentenced to community service, but was later rearrested. The extradition may also mark the first time a Latvian prisoner is sent to the United States. Despite his criminal past, Cabrera’s efforts to help gamblers have resulted in his conviction.

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