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Tips For Purchasing Best Winter Fragrances

Winter scents are more intense and rich than summer and fall scents. Depending on the perfume formula, the base notes can vary. Choose a scent with base notes that are woody, spicy, or sweet. Avoid floral fragrances during winter. Here are some tips for purchasing the best winter fragrances. Listed below are the most common ingredients in a winter perfume. They can help you find the perfect winter perfume for you.

Important to remember

The fragrance itself is also important during wintertime. You want to find one that lasts throughout the day. Buying a perfume with long-lasting power is essential. Besides the scent, it’s important to remember that the temperature drops in the coldest months. If you’re going outside, choose a fragrance that is easy to wear under layers and that won’t cause you to get frostbite.

Final Opinion

If you are a winter fashionista, consider a perfume that will make you feel warm and cozy. These scents are typically warm and rich, making them perfect for chilly winter days. During this season, it’s important to wear a fragrance that can stand up to the muffled clothing that comes with the weather. Fortunately, Jennifer McKay Newton, founder of DEFINEME Fragrance, has some tips to help you choose the perfect winter scent.

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